Sunday, September 02, 2007

Puppies, plants and a veranda and oh, yes, a new book...

Home from Tarzali and about to get head down on my new book. There's nothing more exciting than a new book idea -- before I start writing.
It's all shining and wonderful and full of promise and I can "see" all sorts of gorgeous scenes. But, oh, this is also when the nervous flutters start. Will I ruin these lovely, bright and shimmering ideas when I try to get them down in words?

Anyhow, that's my worry, not yours. Thought I'd show you a few pics taken at Tarzali on the weekend.

This is me on a cool and misty morning, admiring the concrete slab which will be our new veranda.

Here is a gorgeous blossom on a native shrub we bought last year from Yeruga nursery.

It's a brilliant nursery at Tolga where, if you tell them which part of the Tablelands you live, will supply you with a catalogue of native plants suited to your area. Our plants are all thriving. Isn't this just gorgeous? Sorry, I can't tell you its name. I'm not that sort of gardener, although I'm getting better.

We were disappointed to have to leave the plant behind to flower madly and brightly while we weren't there to tell it how lovely it is.

And here is a new litter of puppies at our neighbours' place. I often write about blue heeler cattle dogs in my Outback books.

These puppies are a mixture of Smithfield Blue and Border Collie with an Australian red heeler mother.

My next book is set in the city and I don't know if I'm going to be able to have a dog in it. Oh, heck, why not? Yes, I think my hero must have a dog, mustn't he? But only if he looks after it well.


Anonymous said...

Of course your Hero would look after his animal companion well: you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals, and your Hero would be a conscientious, fun and loyal owner!! How cute are those puppies?? So gorgeous!!!

Barbara Hannay said...

Have just remembered that my hero lives in an inner city apartment block. I know it's different overseas, but here the pet police won't let apartment dwellers have pets. Hmmmm... will have to think about this.

Anonymous said...

I agree: no dogs in an inner city high rise. Maybe in the next book where there's The Wide Open Country!!!