Thursday, August 30, 2007

Like Arabs in the night, we folded our tents and took offf...

I'm pleased to report that Elliot's health is much improved, I've handed in my revised book and we've snuck away to Tarzali for a few days.
Had almost forgotten how much we love it here. It so quiet and peaceful and just beautiful. It's cool and there's misty rain. Everything we've planted has been growing while we were away.
Most exciting is that our extensions have begun at last. We have two big green water tanks now and a slab of concrete out the front which will be our new veranda as well as a smaller one which will be our laundry.
Real progress should be made in the next few weeks. And then all the windows and doors Elliot has so lovingly restored will find a home.
I have blogs to write for other sites which I will tell you about soon and I'm currently researching personality types for my next book. Lots of fun.

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