Friday, August 24, 2007

Secrets We Keep...

A big reminder that the trilogy Secrets We Keep goes on sale in Australia this week on September 1st. Actually, it's already on sale at

Secrets We Keep starts with the amazing Liz Fielding (winner of 2 RITA awards and the UK's Romantic Novelist's annual award.)

Liz's book, Reunited: Marriage in a Million has been nominated by Romantic Times as one of the author's best and awarded 4 and a half stars! And Liz reports that she's had more reader feedback about this book than about any she's ever written.

I have to say that I was wowed by the depth of characterization Liz achieved and her very deft handling of quite a large cast, as well as the wonderful originality of the story line, the emotion... the writing... yeah, you get the picture.

So... how great a start for the series can you ask for?


To the outside world, Belle Davenport has everything. A fabulous career. The heart of a nation. A millionaire husband who adores her.

But her career no longer fulfils her, her marriage is a hollow sham and she has a dark secret; a past she's kept hidden, even from the man she loves.

Then, on a charity bike ride in the Himalayas, she meets Claire and Simone and, for the three of them, nothing will ever be the same again.

If ever there was a brilliant example of "show don't tell", check out Liz's hero Ivo's reaction when his wife tells him she's leaving him.

And just a reminder that coming in the months to follow will be --

My book Needed: Her Mr. Right in October (available in the UK, North America and at in September)

and Found: Her Long Lost Husband by Jackie Braun in November (October, everywhere else)

Also, while I'm here... This series was inspired by (real) sister Liz's charity bike ride through the Himalayas. You can check out photos of this amazing trip here.


Ray-Anne said...

Loved Liz's book. Ran down to the book store on August 1st in the UK and waited while the poor girl unpacked the cartons. Read it that day. Worth it.
More please! Ray-Anne

2paw said...

I enjoyed Liz's book and with all her tantalising hints I can hardly wait for yours now!! September the First I shall be refreshing the Eharl Australian site until the new books appear so I can order it!!!

Barb said...

Wow, Ray-Anne and 2paw, it's readers like you two wonderful people who keep authors happily chained to their computers!