Thursday, August 02, 2007

Forgot to tell you...

I've had a rotten cold this week, have been snuffling and coughing my way through my revisions, which is my excuse for forgetting to tell you about the R*BY blog.
At eHarlequin, all the finalists for this year's Romantic Book of the Year Award are blogging about their finalling books.

Being a finalist is so exciting and this year there are veteran R*BY finalists like Marion Lennox and Carol Marinelli, as well as brand new Down-under authors like Yvonne Lindsay ( from New Zealand) and Anne Oh.
As a winner of the R*BY in 2005, I was asked to add a blog as well.

There's nothing quite like getting a pat on the back from the readers of your homeland!

Good luck to all this year's finalists and head over to eHarlequin to read all about them!!!

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