Saturday, May 16, 2009

Audio books...

Do you like listening to books on tape or CD? I love it. I admit I love any way that gives me access to more books. Book tapes are perfect for long car trips, but they can also lift the enjoyment factor of drudge chores like housework.

We have to drive back to Townsville today, which is a crying shame as it's a perfect sunshiny, crisp autumn day after a week of on and off mizzle. E has another meeting (sigh), so we're heading off, but Jodi Picoult's "Plain Truth", set in an Amish community, should entertain us on the way.

Actually, quite a few of my books were put onto tape by the wonderful Hear-A-Book Service in Tasmania. I approached them because my aunt in Sydney is blind and I'd tried reading my books onto tapes for her, but the quality wasn't crash hot. I wanted to give her a talking book for her eightieth birthday, which they did for me and then subsequently they put a host of other books on tape. I've had lovely messages about how they've helped people who weren't well enough to read. The books are available in libraries for people who are visualy impaired or unable to read for other health reasons.

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JoyfullyHis said...

I love the audio books; they are great for doing housework. The only thing I don't like is when chunks of book are edited out. It's disappointing when the best parts are missing from a much loved story. On the whole though, these books got my grandmother through some tough times with medical problems. We are grateful!