Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A blog for lovers of Harlequin Romance

Did you know that Harlequin Romance authors are now blogging on eHarlequin?

If you visit there, you'll meet lots of Romance fans and you'll read Liz Fielding's description of a typical writer's day, or Barbara McMahon's thoughts on happy endings. Michelle Douglas is inviting tips on how to avoid a writer's spreading backside. Claire Baxter is asking what makes a reader. Every couple of days there's a new post. All interesting and romance relevant. I've spilled the beans about how I met my children's father and readers have been sharing their "cute meet" stories too. It's fascinating and just goes to show that there's ample material out there. No wonder the hundreds of romance stories that are published each month are so different and individual -- despite the sameness of covers and titles. I'm also giving away signed copies of my upcoming duet Baby Steps to Marriage with Expecting Miracle Twins and The Bridesmaid's Baby.

But I'd also like to give copies of these books to my faithful blog followers whose company I enjoy so much, so if you'd care to email me via my website with your postal address, I'll be happy to send copies your way. You know who you are!!!!


2paw said...

I think I remember you telling your 'meeting DH' story before, but your blog on the authors' page makes it sounds exactly like a chapter from a romance novel!!! I love the golden glow too!!

Lacey Devlin said...

I think I'm a touch too excited about the new blog. I'm waiting for a family member to tell me to shh or be calm (personally I think they're the ones someone should be concerned about ;) )

I'm off to sigh over your meeting DH story. Thanks Barbara!

Magdalena Scott said...

>It's fascinating and just goes to show that there's ample material out there.<

So true!