Saturday, October 24, 2009

a quiet week in the country....

I've had my head down writing, so really there hasn't been a lot to tell you. It's rained, however, and it's amazing how this place greens up after a couple of inches.

We poked our heads in at the Yungaburra Folk festival yesterday. Saw (as in glimpsed on the way past) a very scary looking tarot reader. No one at her table. I wasn't surprised. Bought more plants (of course) and came home and made a new garden beside the shed.

Our gardens are being attacked by bandicoots, however. In the mornings, we find new plants buried under upturned soil and deep cone shaped holes where they've pushed their snout in to hunt for beetles.
And we've been visited by a yellow footed scrub fowl. He/she usually stays deep in the rainforest, but we think the lack of rain forced her out to forage further afield for food. E tried to take a photo (this blurry shot), but was chased away by a very bolshie bush turkey, another of our regular visitors. In the mornings a lovely blue crane arrives to work over the dew drenched grass, but he's timid and flies away at the slightest movement from us.
We had a friend to dinner last night and I taught myself how to make caramelised onions -- yum! I used this recipe.


Lacey Devlin said...

I'm completely jealous! I have a bandicoot... one... I'm not quite in your league, there certainly aren't any bush turkeys propositioning me!

2paw said...

It's always exciting at your place!!I bought a bird book to help me identify the birds I see when we are walking!!

Magdalena Scott said...

I always enjoy hearing about your corner of the world, Barbara! Love the photos.