Saturday, February 20, 2010

What I've been watching...

Elliot's away for the weekend and last night I took myself off to watch Valentine's Day, which I found very entertaining -- although of course I'm always analysing plots and thinking about my current work when I watch those kinds of films.

Also this week, I've borrowed a set of DVDs from the library -- Before Sunrise and Before Sunset -- (starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy) and these films I absolutely loved. They were about a young couple who meet on a train and spend a night exploring Vienna together, sharing hopes, fears, dreams.

The second movie is set in Paris nine years later, (and the actors were actually nine years older) when they meet again and have only a very short time to catch up and... make choices.

Anyone familiar with my books will know how much I love reunion stories, and you can imagine how these movies -- dialogue rich, with minimalist plots and fabulous acting -- had me enthralled. Keep an eye out for them if you haven't seen them.

Also on a different note, if you're wondering about the whole to have or not to have an agent issue, you might find this Novelists' Inc blog post very informative.


2paw said...

I watched these films being reviewed but never seen them. I shall add them to my list!!

Unknown said...

Saw them as part of the French film festival a few years back and loved them. M

Barbara Hannay said...

Marg, I was thinking of you when I was watching these movies. I knew you'd love them.