Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 Romance Writers of Australia Conference...

What a fabulous conference we had. Melbourne was at its wintry best, which was exactly what we North Queenslanders hoped for, because we love the chance to don our coats and scarves and boots, and to see bare trees that haven't been ravaged by cyclones.

I really wish I could be one of those energetic people who can blog while a conference is in progress, but I'm afraid I'm too busy lapping up every second of the fun and inspiration.
As it is, I'm going to give my conference report backwards... beginning with our Awards Night, and the exciting news that our very own wonderful North Queenslander, Helene Young, won Romantic Book of the Year award (category: novel with strong romantic elements) for Wings of Fear (formerly Border Watch.) You should have heard the crowd roar!!!

Here is Helene above (right) with her editor from Hachette, Bernadette Rowley.

And this is fellow NQer, Shannean Moncrieff, giving Helene a well deserved, congratulatory hug, as did we all.

And we managed to help Helene celebrate in fine style afterwards. :)
Another massive roar went up when Anne Gracie was honoured with Life Membership of Romance Writers of Australia for all the hard work and visionary guidance she's given the organization. T'was wonderful!!!!

Melanie Milburne won the sweet short category of the R*BY, and you can see her above, giving her acceptance speech. And Sophia James won the Regency romance category. I'm afraid I'm hazy about other details, but for all the details of the many wonderful awards, check out Romance Writers of Australia's website.

And here am I about to present the ROMA award for the best media coverage of romance during the past year to the ABC in South Australia for an interview with Emily Forbes entitled the Changing Face of Romance..

More to come, including cocktail party fun ... a glamorous UK M&B editor, yell for Cadel, and much more...

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Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats to Helene!

Everyone looked fabulous. Thanks for the pictures!