Thursday, September 08, 2011

Rabbit food??

Here I am with acres in which to grow things and I've discovered the joy of having vegies in pots. These lettuce are so fresh and crunchy and handy, for a quick lunch accessory. I have started a herb garden next to the pot (right outside the dining room) and there's another pot with baby spinach, as well as a punnet of seedlings to fill in the spaces after I've pulled something out. So easy and so much fun... and yikes, it's even healthy.


2paw said...

Only if you have rabbits hopping about. People have great trouble here with all the wallabies, potoroos, kangaroos, possums etc eating not only fruit and vegetables, but they like roses too, especially the young shoots.
Your garden in pots sounds perfect!!

Anne said...

Barb, I do the same -- a variety of lettuces and salad greens in pots by the door. Keeps them creature and snail-free.

Do you know the Japanese salad green called Mizuna? Delicious. Sweet and slightly peppery, not as much as rocket. Snipped into a leafy salad, it's lovely.

Barbara Hannay said...

Anne, I don't know mizuna. I must keep an eye out for it. Sounds delicious.