Friday, September 02, 2011

Harry's boots?

I'm racing to write this in a big hurry after a very busy week, but if you're Australian, are you watching Silent Witness tonight? I'm so worried about Harry Cunningham, and was so shocked when he was shot last week.
Harry (or rather actor Tom Ward who plays him) has been the inspiration for several of my heroes. And the big surprise last week was that not only was he shot (and apparently killed) but he was shot wearing RM Willimas boots.
At one stage there was a close up of him putting the boots on and the label was clearly visible. (product placement??)
These boots are hugely popular here (and these days, are hugely expensive). E has a pair which he loves -- swears they're the most comfortable shoes he's ever worn. The Outback magazine has readers sending in photos of their favourite RM shots. Babies or puppies are frequently filmed with them. I'm afraid my pic of E's boots is rather boring...

He wanted me to polish them first, but there wasn't time...

OK, it's Friday night... wine is being opened, steak is on the barbie... and I have to go, but wanted to let you know I haven't fallen off the planet.
But I AM worried about Harry.


2paw said...

I hope you have had your doubts sorted out now?? I am trying not to put a spoiler in case you haven't watched it yet!!
Fancy Harry having RMs in the UK? He must be a secret Australian. Or he is a proper Englishman with a secret Australian girlfriend who provides his shoes!!

Barbara Hannay said...

Yes, my doubts are sorted... and I feel just a little manipulated. :)

Love the possibilities for Harry's boots. I suspect RM Williams paid rather a lot of money to have his boots filmed up close.