Sunday, February 05, 2012

When the cat's away...

OK... what's a woman to do when her husband's been taken off by their sons for a little trout fishing in New Zealand?
If she's a romance author, she gets in a little extra research. No, stop it. Not that sort...
I'm talking about viewing... DVDs and TV shows that are a tad too girly for couples viewing.
Would you believe I am only just now catching up on Sex and the City? I've watched all of Season One and am happily settling into Season Two, with my eye on those other series lined up in the Video shop.
I've also watched Rachel Getting Married, When Harry Met Sally and The Blind Side.

Of course, I'm reading too. I've just finished Anne Gracie's gorgeous Bride By Mistake (Check out this lovely review on Barnes and Noble by Eloisa James).

You probably think this sounds like I'm slacking off -- but I'm writing too. I'm a couple of thousand words into my next M&B -- trying a new technique, writing by hand first -- mainly because a change is as good as a holiday. But I do think there's something rather liberating about writing by hand. I feel freer to experiment and make little notes to myself. This may become my new MO. The crucial ingredient is a really smooth flowing pen that makes writing a breeze.
I can blame this new direction on the power cuts we had on Saturday. Almost a year to the day after Cyclone Yasi, a big low went through FNQ. It turned into Cyclone Jasmine just as soon as it hit water and it certainly felt like a cyclone while it was here, hence candles and handwriting... I felt very Jane Austen. (well... almost).

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2paw said...

It sounds almost like a holiday for you too!! I like doing things the slow way sometimes, inspired by the Italian slow food movement where the old ways are sometimes the best!! I like WHMS, and also You've Got Mail. I always call it 'You Have Mail' though!!! I am glad you are safe and sound.