Monday, November 26, 2012

And what are you doing for Advent?

I'm sure you can tell by my silence that I'm on another deadline. This has been a really huge writing year for me, trying to balance my commitments to two publishers. I'm hoping to get the balance a little saner next year.
Right now, I'm busy getting two projects finished before I head south for Christmas. I have no idea when I'll get to Christmas cards and shopping.
However, I haven't forgotten Advent and how it is still an important part of the growing excitement in the lead up to Christmas. So far, my favourite Advent calendar  is Jacquie Lawson's and for several years now I've bought copies for the little people in my life as well as some of the not so little. Even though it's an online, fully animated, singing and dancing calendar, it's very traditional, and we all love it. Each day, with a click of the mouse, we discover a delightful surprise. And the calendar can even tell whether it's day or night where you live and the images change to fit the time of day. So clever and charming. I'd urge you to check it out.


Lacey Devlin said...

That's so clever! I must get one :)

Good luck finishing those last two projects for the year. Happy writing!

2paw said...

I've made two knitted Advent calendars and bought a Cyberman one for a friend too. I make an Advent Calendar every year for one friend, it's a tradition. I have had one of Jacqui's dog cards almost every year, they are just so cute!!
Although I know you are writing your fingers to the bone, I can't help but be happy as it is for your benefit!!!

Barbara Hannay said...

You'll love it, Lacey -- and for such a good price.

Barbara Hannay said...

A knitted calendar - wow! How clever, and what a great friend you are, 2paw.