Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photographic evidence -- our heroes

Picked E up from Cairns airport today and on the way home we had lunch at Mareeba. It's hot and dry at that end of the Tablelands right now -- lots of fires. At lunch there were three firemen at the table next to us. Suddenly they got a message on their radio, and houses were mentioned. Next minute they were gone... and these coffees and cookies were left behind. Got to love those guys.


Helene Young said...

It looks like they barely added the sugar! Fabulous people :-)

2paw said...

All the emergency services and the SES and armed forces go above and beyond the call of duty. We've had bad fires her in the last few weeks and a Total Fire ban right now. Thank heavens for the fire brigade. We are very lucky, I hope all the houses were safe.

2paw said...

PS, plus, there's nothing nicer than a man in a uniform!!!

Barbara Hannay said...

No, I don't think they had touched the sugar, Helene. I hope your fires don't get too bad, 2 paw. I remember really bed fires in Tassie.
And yes, men in uniform are delights to the eye.

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