Monday, January 22, 2007

What the Bleep?

I've done more research into this movie (discussed in yesterday's post) and have discovered that it is, for the most part, hocus-pocus.

Dr. David Albert, the scientist who impressed me the most, has refuted almost all the movie's claims and is angry that he was misquoted in the original movie which puts forward strong views about cosmic consciousness etc. He believes that it's important for scientists to approach their investigation without an expectation/hope that they will find a comforting view of the world. He uses the Vatican/Gallileo conflict and the church versus Darwin crisis to illustrate his point. He feels that what they're discovering about the universe via quantum physics will not give us the comfortable answers the film suggests.

Well, there you go. Nevertheless, it was an interesting and thought provoking viewing exercise.
I like to explore very different ideas and ways of thinking when I'm between books.
I hope it keeps me from going stale. And now I'm really hooked on this quantum physics thing. And this is a gal who had trouble getting past the micrometre screw guage when I did high school physics.

And it's making me think that I'd like to have a scientist hero in one of my books some time.

On a completely different note, here's a photo of Lilly who is now 6 months old and sitting up. After all, when we see a baby growing, we don't need physics to tell us about time. :)

We all know that time flies!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Tempus Fugit: can Lilly have grown so much??
I really loved Theo your academic hero, with glasses. I think a scientist would be great. Perhaps he should be an environmental scientist. Usually the heroines are all environmentally aware in M&B type book, but it would be a nice city vs county theme!! Science is very interesting. Have you read David Elyard's new book? And I love Bill Bryson's 'The History of Everything' I think it is called.....

Barbara Hannay said...

You know, 2paw, I've given away "The Short History of nearly Everything" to so many people as presents and haven't managed to find time to read it myself.
Thanks for remembering Theo in The Blind Date Surprise. I LOVED writing that story and I can feel the same kind of yearning bubbling to write a scientist. Not sure about environmental. We have to be careful that we don't raise contentious issues.
Will check out the Elyard book. Thanks.