Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mum's the word

It's ridiculous. I was walking through the markets in Townsville's Flinders Mall yesterday morning and I heard a young man call, "Mum!"
I knew that one of my sons was in Western Australia and the other was in Japan, but I turned around instinctively. Part of my brain was convinced, momentarily, that the call was for me. Funny how a mother's brain is wired, isn't it?
Actually, we're heading off to Japan next Sunday to visit our son who's been working there on a six months exchange. Can't wait to see him and to hear him talking in Japanese. Apparently he's very fluent now. He has our itinerary all worked out and we'll also be visiting the Harlequin offices in Tokyo. Hope to show you lots of pics.
I want to finish Sally and Logan's story first, except that it would be good to get the chance to reread it after our break in Japan. May yet talk to my ed about that, because the chances are, that the print out for Nell and Jacob will land on my doorstep this week. Proofreading would certainly put a dent in my plans for a dash across the deadline.
Am feeling just a little stretched.

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