Thursday, October 18, 2007

Right or left brain

I saw this on Kate Hardy's blog and had to put it here as well. It's apparently a test of whether you are predominantly a right brain or a left brain thinker.
I am, according to this test, most decidedly a right brainer. Not surprising, actually. The description certainly fitted how I feel about myself, except that the left brain deals with words and language, so I'm not sure where that leaves my writing.
I suppose I should do a little more research and find out.

Elliot is away on a fishing trip tonight, which means he's going to miss the programme about Errol Flynn on ABC TV, which is a pity because he wrote a series of newspaper stories about Errol's times in North Queensland. Then again, knowing Elliot, he'd get all agitated about the bits they get wrong or leave out. So perhaps he's better off out in the bush, camping under the stars at Cattle Creek. (Sounds like something out of one of my books.)

Am currently reading Kelly Hunter's "Priceless" and am loving it. LOVING it.


Unknown said...

You know Barb I am sure she changes because I could see her going both ways. If I looked away or read something else and then went back she had changed direction. Marg

Barbara Hannay said...

That happened to Elliot, too, Marg. But I could only ever see her going clockwise.