Wednesday, October 10, 2007

two deadlines...

As well as the end of the month deadline for my Romance, which I have to finish early because I'm going to Japan to visit my son, who's been working there for six months, I have a new commitment.
Last week, I was talking on the phone to my granddaughter Lucy ( who lives in Brisbane) and I asked her what she'd like for her birthday on the 20th.
'I'd like you to finish our book,' she said.
And then I remembered.
And felt guilty.
Lucy and I started writing a story together when we were on holidays at Noosa. It's called: "The Fairy Princess is looking for a lock." And it's about a girl called Lucy (of course) whose cat finds a fairy at the bottom of her garden. Lucy has to rescue the fairy from the cat's claws and then the adventure begins.
So you can see, this is also a very important deadline. It will probably require illustrations as well. So my nights are about to become as creatively frantic as my days. Wish me luck.

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