Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bits and pieces...

A quick trip back to Townsville meant we were there to wave off our grandies on their first day at pre prep and day care.
Our big girl was so grown up with her hair in a plait and tying her own shoes. She loved her day at pre prep and wasn't ready to come home.
Travelling north again on Australia Day resulted in lunch at Cardwell. How lucky were we, dining on fish and chips while looking at this gorgeous view?
Home again, found two gorgeously different roses growing on the same bush. These darlings came from a thorny stick someone was throwing away and I stuck it in the ground.
Also... am so relieved that Courier Express has found me. Had a phone call today about a box of books arriving from Cairns, and we're meeting at a servo in Malanda for the pick up. Am gradually getting the hang of living in the sticks. :)

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2paw said...

I am so glad the first day of school went well, she looks very seriously prepared.
It's a picture postcard view!!
I have a Peace rose in the garden for someone gave me when Tori the Labrador died, and it has done exactly the same thing this year- those deep red roses and also normal yellowy ones. Very strange!!!