Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nice surprise...

In the post today, I discovered a dream (modest but real) come true. I'd always hoped, when I wrote my Southern Cross trilogy (The Cattleman's English Rose, The Blind Date Surprise and The Mirrabrook Marriage), that these stories would one day be repulished with all three books in one volume.
I guess, ideally for me, that volume would be in English, but I'm not complaining that my dream has come true in Germany.


2paw said...

Sehr gut Barbara!!! Das Buch ist gud, nicht wahr??
I can do that and also say
'plötzlich kommt die Polizei' which means suddenly the police arrive!!

Barbara Hannay said...

I studied German a million years ago, and can understand a fair bit, but I'm not good enough to read a whole book any more.
I bet you love Inspector Rex, too!!

Lacey Devlin said...


Helene Young said...

Sehr gut! What a lovely surprise, Barb :-)