Friday, January 07, 2011

Week One of our Year in the Country..

Our life in the country has just become.... countrified. Threw clothes in the dryer this afternoon and there was a dreadful clatter and thunk. E investigated and found a snake had crawled into the motor through the hole at the back. Yikes.

Will now check that laundry door and window are shut each night.
On a much nicer note, Kelly Hunter is talking on Liz Fielding's blog about the new RIVA line that's being launched with her wonderful book With This Fling this month. Hear all about it and read and extract -- and find out where you can download it for free!!!
Also my article The Joy of Sensuality is being featured on this writing blog.


2paw said...

OK, that's juts a bit too countrified for me!!!

Barbara Hannay said...

The good news is that only tree snakes can climb up into something like this. And tree snakes aren't the nasty ones...